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Phases of making artificial nails

Making artificial nails has the following phases:

mukoromepites (3)– Preparations for the service, things to do before building artificial nails:

  • Registration, welcoming guests

 – Preparatory section:

  • Hand washing, sterilization, rinsing, drying them
  • Diagnosis, – by survey

– by questioning the guest:

  • Removing old varnish
  • Defining the length of free edge
  • Pushing up and scratching the cuticle Continue reading

Tools and materials

Tools and materials needed for building artificial nails:

  • eszkozokskin disinfectant
  • metal file to form the length of free edge
  • nail scissors or clippers
  • cuticle pusher, e.g. metal spatula
  • file of medium fineness
  • nail dust brush
  • Primer: adhesion promoter, degreaser, dehydrator, fungicide, disinfectant

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Tip-technique means when we stick plastic nails of different sizes and with the same curve and form as of the own nail onto the natural nail. Tips are slightly supported by themselves after being applied so it is always necessary to coat them with gel or acryl. The tip is actually a bearing surface of these coatings (just as the stencil mentioned later, however, the tip is left within the artificial nail). It is important to know that the material of the tip is much weaker that the base material of artifical nails, the support is provided by the coating, that is why it is suggested to make the tip thinner. Continue reading